Yonex 20315 V-Neck T Shirt for Women

Yonex 20315 V-Neck T Shirt for Women,

Yonex closthing intercepts infrared radiation and approximately 92%* of ultra-violet, minimizing heat build-up during play.

*Tested by Boken Quality Evaluation Institute

Fabric that wicks away moisture and keeps you dry

  • A COOL WAY TO BEAT THE HEAT By using impregnated Xylitol, a completely natural technology, VERYCOOL clothing from YONEX absorbs heat and perspiration, providing a significant cooling effect during exercise. No matter what the ambient temperature, VERYCOOL lowers body heat by 3°C for cooler play*
  • OUTSTANDING ULTRAVIOLET INTERCEPTION Yonex clothing intercepts infrared radiation and approximately 92%* of ultraviolet, minimizing heat build-up in clothing during play.
  • Stretch FLEXIBLE, FORGIVING, AND FASHIONABLE Innovative stretch material allows for free movement that supports your active play
  • Antistatic AVOID THE DISCOMFORT OF STATIC ELECTRICITY Carbon impregnated, conductive fibers, woven into the stitching of the clothing remove the build-up of static electricity.

Green Sheen, Mazrine blue, Mock Orange


J 120, J 130, J 150, J 160, LARGE, MEDIUM, SMALL

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