YONEX LSQ07MS2 BT6-S Tournament Kit bag

YONEX LSQ07MS2 BT6-S Tournament Kit bag Features :

Main Compartment : Foam lined compartment designed for storage of delicate articles.

Padlock Slider : Padlock Slider has provision for locking the bag securely.

Dual Carrier : Bag straps give option of bag being hand-carried or slung over shoulder.

Thermal Racquets Compartment : Thermo foam lined compartment designed to hold a number of racquets also guards these against extreme heat or cold.

Accessories compartment : Easily Accessible storage for extra Grips, strings, Sweatband and other accessories.

Partition : Extra Velcro dual purpose compartment with option to use as single or in two sections.

Retroreflection : While carrying the bag, retroreflection allows it to be illuminated from behind.

Dimensions : 73x 16x 33 cm.

YONEX Tournament LSQ07MS2 BT6-S Kit bag Description :

This YONEX Kit Bag fit everything you need in its two compartments, a separate accessories compartment that keeps your accessories separate from your racquets. The bag is very easy to fold as well so you can store it in a bigger bag when travelling.

YONEX Badminton kit bag is a comfortable and secure bag that helps you in carrying your gear conveniently and securely. Its Advance technology keep your gear in top shape along with a number of storage options. The straps give option of bag being hand-carried or slung over shoulder. This Kitbag is the perfect complement to your gear.



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