Product Description

Yonex Apparel Whether you are facing your toughest opponent on the court, or sweating through a tough training session, Yonex apparel gives you that extra bit of support you need for excellent play. Yonex ensures you’re equipped to win from head to toe. With vibrant colours and eye-catching designs, this apparel keeps you flying high around the court. UV Reduction OUTSTANDING ULTRAVIOLET INTERCEPTION Yonex clothing intercepts infrared radiation and approximately 92%*of ultraviolet, minimizing heat build-up in clothing during play. Air-Release SUPERIOR COMFORT IN THE HEAT As warm air rises, cold air enters into open areas. Based on this fact, new Yonex Air-Release technology has greatly improved ventilation in our shirts. Mesh in the back of the neck provides high ventilation, pushing out body heat. Meanwhile, fresh air is taken in through mesh equipped on the side of the shirt from the bottom to the armpits, keeping you cool under severe heat. Stretch FLEXIBLE, FORGIVING, AND FASHIONABLE Innovative stretch material allows for free movement that supports your active play. Antistatic AVOID THE DISCOMFORT OF STATIC ELECTRICITY Carbon impregnated, conductive fibers, woven into the stitching of the clothing remove the build-up of static electricity. Yonex Practice Round Neck T-Shirts100% Original From Yonex Sunrise Malaysia