YONEX Astrox 43I Badminton Racquet



The Yonex Astrox Lite 43i racquet is perfect for badminton players who like to be aggressive on the court. It’s great for those who can quickly counter-attack and make powerful forehand shots. This racquet is designed to help you swing it fast and accurately. It’s good for players who want to be in control and assert their dominance with strong offensive play.



ISOMETRIC: ISOMETRIC technology, created by Yonex over 30 years ago, expands the sweet spot in your racquet by 7%. Unlike traditional round frames, an ISOMETRIC racquet has a square shape that maximizes the area where the main and cross strings intersect. This innovation provides greater control without compromising power, helping top players achieve global success.

NANOMESH NEO: Nanomesh Neo technology in your badminton racket means a frame that’s both stronger and more flexible. It’s designed to give you the maximum power in your shots by allowing the shaft to flex more. This combination of strength and flexibility can greatly improve your performance on the badminton court.

AERO Plus BOX Frame: The AERO Plus BOX Frame design seamlessly blends a solid hitting sensation with a swift and agile swing, offering players the best of both worlds for their badminton game.

Built-in T-Joint: The built-in T-Joint technology enhances the strength and stability of the frame and shaft connection in your racquet, eliminating head twists for greater control during play.

Control Support Cap: Control Support Cap enhances a player’s grip and precision. Positioned at the handle’s end, it prevents slipping, offering stability during intense play. It features textures for better control, ideal for players valuing accuracy in their shots.


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