YONEX Voltric Lite 47i Badminton Racquet



The Voltric Lite 47i iSeries badminton racquet is a Japanese-designed racquet that is manufactured in China. It belongs to the new Voltric range and is part of the popular Yonex iSeries. Its aero-box frame is designed to reduce air resistance, allowing for faster airflow over the curved surface during your swing. This, in turn, accelerates the head speed of the racket and transfers more speed and power into your shots. The racket is ideal for both singles and doubles play, making it a versatile choice. Its lightweight and length make it easy to maneuver on the court, particularly well-suited for double players.



  • Aero-Box Frame Technology: The racquet features an aero-box frame that minimizes air resistance, allowing air to flow faster across the curved surface during your swing. This results in accelerated head speed and increased power in your shots.

  • All-Round Performance: The racquet is well-suited for both singles and doubles play, offering versatility and adaptability to different playing styles.

  • Easy to Maneuver: Its lightweight design and appropriate length make it easy to handle, providing excellent maneuverability on the court.

  • Ideal for Double Players: The Voltric Lite 47i is particularly suitable for double players, as it offers the right combination of control, power, and ease of handling for fast-paced gameplay.

  • Balance of Speed and Power: This racquet strikes a balance between speed and power, making it a reliable choice for players looking to excel in various aspects of their game.

  • New Addition to the Voltric Range: This model is part of the Voltric range, which is known for its innovative technology and design in the world of badminton rackets.

  • Great Potential: With its combination of features, the Voltric Lite 47i has the potential to enhance your badminton game and help you achieve better performance on the court.


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voltric lite 47 i
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