The Astrox Attack 9 lives up to its name, crafted specifically for the aggressive badminton enthusiast. Its frame boasts a robust Graphite construction, ensuring unparalleled strength, while the flexible shaft adds an element of nimbleness. 

This dynamic combination of a flexible shaft and a head-heavy design unleashes explosive power in every shot, making it a formidable choice for attacking players. 

The strategically placed single-pass grommets facilitate smooth string movement, enhancing control and shuttle hold.

With a balance point at 305 mm (pure head-heavy) and a flexible shaft, the Astrox Attack 9 is engineered for players seeking a lethal blend of power and manoeuvrability.

 The incorporation of the Rotation Generation Technology is a game-changer, redistributing the racket’s weight across the frame and shaft handle. This innovative approach improves balance, granting players the ability to unleash explosive counter-attacks with ease.

Catering to intermediate players, the Yonex Astrox Attack 9 introduces cutting-edge features for dominating on the court. 

Its agile frame facilitates swift drive shots, while the Isometric trademark technology, a Yonex hallmark for 30 years, optimises the main and cross strings to expand the sweet spot by 7%. This racket is a powerhouse of innovation, empowering players to deliver potent smashes and agile drives effortlessly.…e-in-india-32lbs/


Aero Bite Boost, B.G. 65, B.G. 65 TI, B.G. 66 Ultimax, B.G. 80 Power, B.G. Sky Arc, Exbolt 63, Exbolt 65, Nano G.Y. 95, Nano G.Y. 99, Unstrung




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YONEX Astrox Attack 9 (Made In India, 32lbs)
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