Yonex Akayu Super 6 badminton shoes may be the most important accessory you will need to be the best badminton player you can be. A good badminton racket is important but without good comfortable shoes, your ability to move quickly and reach the shuttle to continue long exhausting rallies is compromised. A good badminton shoe will give you the edge you need to stay in close games and compete at a high level. Yonex badminton shoes have the most advanced technology ensuring absolute protection for your feet.


  • Toe Assist Shape:- Reduces pressure on the big toe and improves support at the mid-foot and heel for a more stable fit, whilst power loss is reduced for swift footwork.
  • True shape:- As it is the latest Yonex badminton shoe, the technology used in this is True Shape. It offers countered upper part specially designed to provide better fitting according to the varied shapes and sizes.
  • Hexagrip sole:- This Hexagrip pattern delivers stable footwork with 3% more grip, and it is 20% lighter than the standard material of the sole.
  • True Cushion:- It has two layers of shock absorption power. In the first layer, you will come across a world-class quality resilience midsole, that is equipped with a very soft EVA inner sole.


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